“Our Father Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name….” Creeds, costumes, smells and bells. While I don’t believe in any of the creeds nor think that any of the costumes and smells have applicable meaning to Christians today… I still think it is a good thing for Agnostics to go to church. Why? Well here are my Top Ten Reasons why Agnostics should go to church…

#10. You would just sleep in on Sunday anyway, so why not.

#9. You can enjoy learning about the latest on-the-edge Christian perspectives…(I go to a very liberal Episcopal church that likes to shake people up with out-of-the-box theologians, but if you want to learn about a conservative point of view there is probably a conservative church right around the corner.)

#8. The food… You never get donuts for breakfast except on Sundays!

#7. The church is probably on the way to something. (For me it is close to the farmers market… and I like to shop there.)

#6. Networking… You can meet so many people there! If you have your own business or if you are in sales church is a must do! ( I meet so many people that just want a trust worthy website developer, and that I am!)

#5 You will inevitably grow stronger in your agnosticism by evaluating their sermons and creeds. But if you do convert, then tell us agnostics how that happened… I know I would be curious.

#4 As an agnostic we essentially are claiming “We Don’t Know” about the existence of God and other things that lack empirical evidence. Therefore,to maintain integrity it is imperative to consistently explore both sides with an open mind.

#3 The music is incredible! It is like going to a concert every Sunday, and this is good for my “SOUL”! (I choose the Episcopal church which has a large choir and sings classical music. It is so heavenly!)

#2 You will hear about current events and social justice issues, not to mention you will now have a group to join if you support the cause.

#1 Community… unfortunately I have not found anything that replaces the community aspect of church. People really do care for you.